The O'Sullivan Chronicles(5 Book Series)

Novels of the American Civil War & The Old West
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  • The Mule Soldiers

    They say that truth is stranger than fiction. This amazing story proves the point, for the end of the story is well, unbelievable.

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  • Chickamauga

    Read the story of the battle as told through the eyes of the Generals who planned the grand strategies, and the soldiers who fought it, often hand-to-hand.

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  • Three Days in Hell

    Three Days in Hell is a novel, a work of fiction, based on actual historical events. The characters, with one exception, were all real people.

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  • The Chase

    During the last few days of the Civil War, a company of Confederate raiders rode into the small Kansas town of Elbow. There they raped, pillaged and murdered among the local populace, thus triggering a chain of events and a chase that extended for more than a thousand miles across the grasslands and mountains of Kansas and the deserts of New Mexico.

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  • Comanche

    On a dark day in April 1865, a band of former Confederate guerillas slaughtered more than forty Comanches, most of them women and children. This began a six-month reign of terror along the Santa Fe Trail as Comanche chief, White Eagle, took his revenge. The U.S. Cavalry was assigned the task of tracking White Eagle and his warriors down.

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