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He won't stop until justice is served.

For more than eight years, Harry Starke was a senior homicide detective with the Chattanooga PD. He was good at his job, better than good, but then he caught the Cassie Morgan case.

Cassie died at the hands of a sadistic killer and he knew from the beginning that it was going to be a bad one, and he was right. Too many clues, too many suspects, too many bodies and a police chief more interested in his career than justice for the victims. For Harry, it was the last straw, and it had been a long time coming. He cleared the case, handed in his notice and walked out the door. He spent the next several weeks thinking, drinking and playing poker . . .

. . . Until one dark and rainy night when he was on his way to a game, and he picked up a bedraggled young woman. And so it began.

These are Harry Starke’s stories, his toughest cases.

Harry Starke Book One

Why was she on the bridge that terrible night?
Who was she running away from?
Why did she leap to her death in the murky waters below?

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The Harry Starke Series Books

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