If you like strong women, impossible odds, and complex mysteries, then you’ll love this gripping series.

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Alexandra: Case Eleven: A Lt. Kate Gazzara Novel

Alexandra: Case Eleven: A Lt. Kate Gazzara Novel

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Alexandra Meyer is sixteen, from a wealthy family and enrolled in a private school.

She's also dead.

It's Kate Gazzara's first day on the job as a detective, and she has a new partner. One with an attitude and a past.

Investigating a murder solo is one thing, joining forces with a partner, as a new female homicide detective is a whole new level of complicated.

When the death of a second rich girl is reported, the game is on to catch the killer. Are the murders the work of a serial killer or has a green-eyed monster reared its head?

Can Kate and her new partner put their differences aside to work the case together and catch a murderer?

If you enjoy reading strong women detective fiction novels, you'll love the Lt. Kate Gazzara books. She's a dedicated female homicide detective in a world dominated by men.

Kate's addictive. You can't read just one.

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The Lt. Kate Gazzara Collection

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