He won't stop until justice is served.

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Harry Starke (The Harry Starke Novels Book 1)

Harry Starke (The Harry Starke Novels Book 1)

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Sometimes, a city needs a ruthless man willing to cross the line.

Recommended for fans of Davenport, Hammer, and Bosch.

Former Chattanooga PD detective, Harry Starke was once a celebrated officer— until he upset some powerful people.

Now a high-profile private investigator, he’s carved out a career seeking justice for the victims of Chattanooga's darker side.

Tabitha Willard was once a vibrant young woman— until the night she leaped to her death into the murky waters of the Tennessee river.

The cops marked it a suicide, case closed.

Harry didn’t agree. He was there, and he’ll never forget the terror he saw in her eyes.

Why did she jump?

Harry Starke wants to know, and his search for answers leads him deep into the shadows of the city’s dangerous underworld.

As he slowly peels back layer upon layer of an intricate secret society, and reveals their dirty secrets, the body count begins to rise. And he knows that somewhere in the mystery lies the key to Tabitha’s suicide. It’s a tangled web of conspiracies, crime, and lies he must unravel to find the ultimate truth.

Can Starke sort through the deceit and cover ups to find the real reason behind Tabitha’s death.

Welcome to the world of PI Harry Starke. Some say he’s reckless, that he crosses the line, and maybe he does, but he gets results. And to Harry, that’s all that matters.

If you love a good mystery, edge of the seat city crime thriller, then you’ll love this gritty series opener.

“A modern-day Mike Hammer!” – USA Today Best-selling Author Margaret A. Daly

“Howard has written a fine detective-action novel, with a likeable and admirable mature private detective hero, Harry Starke . . . I've become a Starke fan.” – D. Cooper

Available in eBook, Audio & Paperback
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