If you like strong women, impossible odds, and complex mysteries, then you’ll love this gripping series.

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Kingsley: Case 18 (The Lt. Kate Gazzara Murder Files)

Kingsley: Case 18 (The Lt. Kate Gazzara Murder Files)

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"Kingsley: Case 18 (The Lt. Kate Gazzara Murder Files), my fifty-eighth read from author Blair Howard. Well-written and enjoyable, edge-of-your-seat police fiction, thoroughly entertaining, as always! I always look forward to the next work from Howard, a Blair Howard book is like a visit from an old detective friend."

- R. Fauble


Kingsley Lynch fell to her death from a seven-story, downtown rooftop garden.

Was it an accident, suicide, or was she pushed?

The two detectives assigned to the case decided she jumped. Her husband, an influential city councilor disagrees, and six weeks later Kate Gazzara is assigned to reinvestigate.

Two days later, Clarissa Madill falls from a ten-story balcony.
Kate doesn’t think so, but if not, what’s the connection?

As the body count rises, Kate reluctantly admits she has a serial killer on her hands, but finding that killer . . .

. . . with no leads and only a couple of minor suspects, it seems like an impossible task.

Can she and Samson solve the puzzle before the killer gets around to her?

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