If you like strong women, impossible odds, and complex mysteries, then you’ll love this gripping series.

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Samson: Case Fourteen: A Lt. Kate Gazzara Novel

Samson: Case Fourteen: A Lt. Kate Gazzara Novel

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What happened to Father Marty, a wealthy and corpulent priest . . . and why is he dead? Did Father Paul play a role in the death of his mentor? If so, what role was it, and did he know he played a part?

Was it an accidental death, or worse . . . premeditated murder?

Detective Kate Gazzara doesn't want this case. She knows it's a can of alternative lifestyle worms just waiting to be opened, but her boss, Chief Johnston wants it closed... and quickly.

But she's right . . .

The moment she takes the case it turns into a twisted nightmare of lies, deception, threats, and intimidation. There could be a killer on the loose, and everyone involved is in danger.

Can Kate and her team of detectives find the truth, or will they need to use a more unconventional method to solve this one?

Kate is tired of getting the proverbial doors slammed in her face.

Her K-9 partner, Samson may not be department issued, but he has her back and may make it easier to open a few of those doors.

Ride along with Lt. Kate Gazzara and her new canine friend, Samson, as she begins to untangle this web of deceit.

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