If you like strong women, impossible odds, and complex mysteries, then you’ll love this gripping series.

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The Lt. Kate Gazzara Series - Books 1 - 3

The Lt. Kate Gazzara Series - Books 1 - 3

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“It doesn’t get any more real than this.”

For eight years I played Dr. Watson to Harry Starke’s Sherlock Holmes. I was his partner until he upped and left the PD leaving me dangling. I was a detective sergeant back then. Anyway, after Harry left, I was given my first case and a partner of my own; hah, some partner he was, too. But that first case, Jasmine, is the one that set me on a path—never an easy path— that led to my heading up my own elite, Special Crimes Unit. Since then, we’ve put away more than sixty brutal killers. Life and the job have not been easy for me in what is still, essentially, a man’s world. But that doesn’t stop me seeking closure and justice for the victims of Chattanooga's darker side. Some say I'm reckless, a loose cannon, even, but I’ll continue doing it my way… as long as they’ll let me. These then are my stories.

Jasmine: Case One - It was her parent’s worst nightmare. It’s every parent’s worst nightmare! So ask yourself this: What would you do if someone murdered your daughter?
When sixteen-year-old Jasmine Thomas is brutally murdered, her father, driven mad by rage and despair, is determined to find her killer and dispense his own kind of vigilante justice. But standing in his way is Lt. Kate Gazzara, a detective with demons of her own to silence. It’s no wonder, then, that the two clash repeatedly as they race against time to find the killer before they strike again.

Cassandra: Case Two - A brutal murder. An embattled cop. A cold case nobody wants.
After being brutally murdered and left in the mud on the banks of South Chickamauga Creek, Cassandra's case went cold and her killer was never found. Decades later when it’s reopened, it’s a case nobody wants. As a last resort, chief Johnston assigns it to Lt. Kate Gazzara. And so, with her career in jeopardy, she finds herself in a race against time to solve the case before the killer strikes again.

Saffron: Case Three - It was a dark and stormy night. No kidding. It really was.
Saffron was the first.

T.J. Bron, a down and out, suicidal Vietnam vet, found her body in an alley behind the Sorbonne, a seedy, downtown nightclub. Lieutenant Kate Gazzara is assigned the case and is determined to find her killer. As the investigation proceeds, she quickly realizes the killer is more cunning and elusive than she could have ever have imagined. The bodies are piling up. The killer's clever. Clues are scarce. Can Lt. Kate Gazzara outsmart the sadistic killer?

These are the first three chilling cases in Blair Howard's best-selling Lt. Kate Gazzara series of police procedural novels. You can’t read just one, because Kate is addictive. With each new case more deadly than the last you have to wonder, can she stay one step ahead of the ruthless killers and bring them to justice? Three complete stand-alone novels that will have you on the edge of your seat to the very end. Almost 1,000 pages of murder, mystery and corruption.

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The Lt. Kate Gazzara Collection

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