If you like strong women, impossible odds, and complex mysteries, then you’ll love this gripping series.

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The Lt. Kate Gazzara Series - eBooks 13 - 15

The Lt. Kate Gazzara Series - eBooks 13 - 15

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The saga continues with three spell-binding Kate Gazzara murder case files!
Book 13: Feathers
Book 14: Samson
Book 15: Indigo

Greed, revenge, jealousy, money, love, hate are all motives for murder and all in a day’s work for Lt. Kate Gazzara. If you love whodunits, police procedurals, realism, fast-paced nonstop action, strong women detectives, you'll love these three highly rated thrillers. If you've not yet met Kate Gazzara, a dedicated female detective in a world dominated by men then this is the place to get to know more about her case files.

Book 14, Samson is when Kate brings on a new K9 partner!

Kate's addictive - You can't read just one. Begin the binge today!

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The Lt. Kate Gazzara Collection

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