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Chickamauga eBook: A Novel of the American Civil War (The O'Sullivan Chronicles Book 2)

Chickamauga eBook: A Novel of the American Civil War (The O'Sullivan Chronicles Book 2)

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A Novel of the American Civil War

Just after first light on the morning of September 18th, 1863, in the deep woods on the banks of Chickamauga Creek, a single brigade of Federal infantry stumbled into a full division of Confederate cavalry, and so began one of the bloodiest conflicts of the American Civil War. The result? A huge victory for the Confederate army. The cost? More than 37,000 casualties; the Battle of Chickamauga was the bloodiest two days of the entire Civil War.

Read the story of the battle as told through the eyes of the Generals who planned the grand strategies, and the soldiers who fought it, often hand-to-hand.

Chickamauga is novel almost twenty-five years in the writing. It’s historically accurate, almost to the minute. It’s the intense story of the young men, the everyday soldiers, who had to fight not only the enemy, but also their own fears and inner doubts to find the courage to face seemingly insurmountable odds. It's also the story of their superior officers, and the generals who controlled their fates; men who were determined to charge into Hell itself to achieve victory. You'll stand side-by-side with them as they contest one disordered, ear splitting, ground shaking clash after another.

If you’d like to experience total war as it really was in 1863, this is where you can do it. Grab your copy now.


Author's Note: Although this book is a work of fiction, it is historically accurate almost to the minute. The book was more than 15 years in the writing and involved literally hundreds of hours of research and more than 50 visits to the battlefield. The words the characters speak - the generals (all of them real), the officers (most of them real), and the fictional characters - are my own, my personal interpretation of what might have been said in any of the given situations. I hope you enjoy reading the book as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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