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Duplicity(The Harry Starke Novels Book 23)

Duplicity(The Harry Starke Novels Book 23)

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Sometimes, a city needs a ruthless man willing to cross the line.
Coming soon, Duplicity, the twenty-third book in the Harry Starke Novels Series.
Recommended for fans of Davenport, Hammer, and Bosch.
Former Chattanooga PD detective, Harry Starke was once a celebrated officer— until he upset some powerful people.
Now a high-profile private investigator, he’s carved out a career seeking justice for the victims of Chattanooga's darker side.

Mystery woman, Morrigan Doyle, is in prison.

Finn Doyle, her son, has ties to the Irish mob in New York. He became acquainted with Harry Starke when Harry was investigating his mother’s billion-dollar Ponzi scheme. But Finn has a life of his own and wants to hire Harry to “find a friend,” Matteo Rossi.

Rossi, a low level thug, a soldier in the Irish mob, is missing. Finn is worried, thinking someone has “offed him, and he wants to know who.

Initially, Harry turns Finn down. But, as they say, curiosity kills the cat, and Harry, ever the curious one, does a little digging on his own and finds that Matteo’s mother and girlfriend are also looking for him.

Finn, however, is nothing if not persistent and, taking into account the new information, Harry reluctantly agrees to take the case, for a fee, of course.

Thus Harry and his team embark on an investigation that takes him back to New York, following Matteo, a trail of bodies and a litany of misinformation until… Well, as always, there’s a twist in the tale; more than one, in fact.

Get Duplicity now and be among the first to read Blair Howard’s gripping new mystery thriller.

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