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Family Matters (The Harry Starke Novels Book 6)

Family Matters (The Harry Starke Novels Book 6)

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Harry Starke loves a cold case, but this one is really cold, more than a hundred years cold.

Family Matters is a tale that takes place on the lonely coast of Maine, where Amanda, a true believer in the paranormal, has inherited - you guessed it - a haunted house. At least that’s what the rumors say. 

It all begins when Amanda inherits the house, substantial assets, and a large sum of money from her grandmother. The windfall comes with a request to look into the disappearance of Elizabeth, Amanda’s great-great-grandmother, more than a hundred years ago. 

Harry, a skeptic, a down-to-earth investigator who believes only in the facts, has a tough time dealing with Amanda’s fantasies? We all know that the imagination can play tricks on a susceptible mind, especially when that mind is under stress. But is it just their imaginations? Could it be something more? 

You’ll have to be the judge. 

From the Author:

Family Matters began some twenty-odd years ago as a short story. It was the first mystery I - yes, I did say I - ever solved. You’ll understand what I mean when you’ve finished reading it. Now I’ll turn it over to the inimitable Harry Starke who, I’m sure, will do a far better job of things than I did.

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