Harry Starke: The Early Years

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Hit and Run eBook (Harry Starke Genesis Book 7)

Hit and Run eBook (Harry Starke Genesis Book 7)

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A case thirty-five years cold. No witnesses, suspects or leads. Two detectives who won’t let go.

Based on a true, unsolved crime.
My name’s Harry Starke. I’m an ex-cop turned private investigator.

It was a rainy Monday morning in June 2012 when Peter Sheffield walked into my office and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. Two weeks in sunny Florida all expenses paid. The catch was I had to solve a thirty-five year old cold case.

Sheffield’s parents were killed in a particularly nasty hit and run accident. The driver and the pickup truck that hit them were never found.

An accident? That was the original finding, but was it? Sheffield was convinced otherwise. Me? I had an open mind and made no promises.

So, Kate and I headed south in search of sun, sea, sand and… a killer.

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