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Train Wreck (The Harry Starke Novels Book 20)

Train Wreck (The Harry Starke Novels Book 20)

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One dark Friday evening in October, Dennis Harper and Brian McDaniel went out to drink a few beers and smoke a little marijuana. Their bodies were found hours later on the railroad tracks north of town. They’d both been struck by the midnight train.

The autopsies revealed copious amounts of alcohol in their system so their deaths we deemed accidental. However, the brothers of the two men believe the investigation was botched and, knowing them as they did, don’t believe they were drunk, high or stupid enough to just lay down on the railroad tracks and go to sleep. So, six weeks later, they go to see Harry Starke and that’s when it all comes unglued.

It doesn’t take long for Harry to determine the investigation was botched right from the beginning, and he embarks on his own investigation, a wild goose chase, and he’s going to have to call in some favors to get solve it.

**While this eBook is part of an ongoing series, it can be read as a standalone Novel**


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