He won't stop until justice is served.

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Harry Starke Latest 3 Paperbacks 17, 18, 19

Harry Starke Latest 3 Paperbacks 17, 18, 19

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Kelsey Hart is missing.

She’s been missing for three years . . .

. . . Is she dead or alive?

When Kelsey Hart disappeared three years ago, her older sister, Brit, never gave up hope. But as time passed, and she heard nothing from her sister, she knew she needed help. Enter PI Harry Starke, the man with a reputation for solving the impossible cases.

As Harry digs into Kelsey's disappearance, he quickly realizes that nothing is as it seems. Slowly, he uncovers dark secrets and a web of lies that will shake the Hart family to its core. And with every clue he uncovers, the mystery deepens, and people begin to die.

Is Kelsey dead or alive? How many have to die before Harry finds the answer?

To find out join Harry on his search for the truth in Blair Howard's latest novel, Presumed Dead, Book 19 in the Harry Starke Novels and be prepared for a thrilling ride! 

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