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Jokers Wild eBook(The Harry Starke Novels Book 18)

Jokers Wild eBook(The Harry Starke Novels Book 18)

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A deadly game of poker.
A man with secrets.
A cold-blooded killer.

The poker game had not yet begun but we found him at the table, shot three times in the chest.

My name’s Harry Starke. I’m an ex-cop turned private investigator. It was the week before Christmas. My friend was dead. I looked down at his body and I made him a promise. I promised to find his killer and break his arms no matter what it took. Bad idea. Everyone knows you don’t make promises like that, not even to the dead.

Harry Starke and Kate Gazzara together again in a deadly game of cat and mouse to catch a crafty killer. But there's also a rat in play.

If you love a good mystery, a rollicking story with endless twists and turns you won’t see coming, Jokers Wild is for you.

Jokers Wild is a gripping mind-bending crime story you won’t be able to put down. Order your copy direct today.

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