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eBook Bundle - The Harry Starke Novels Books 1 - 9

eBook Bundle - The Harry Starke Novels Books 1 - 9

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Harry Starke Novels eSeries Bundle of 9
The Harry Starke Novels 1st Nine eBooks In One Place

9 eBooks with 1 click!

You'll get Three sets of Three eBooks totaling Nine eBooks!

"Get ready everyone, a new PI has entered Chattanooga and he plays rough! Meet Harry Starke, an ex-cop turned PI. Blair Howard introduces us to the "new guy" in Harry Starke. Harry Starke is the first novel in an extremely promising series. Harry is the original tough guy, with finely tuned senses and good instincts, as well as a rougher James Bond type of attitude. He is witty and clever and willing to go the extra mile. Join Harry as he slowly peels back layer upon layer of an intricate secret society, and reveals their dirty secrets. Somewhere in all this mystery lies the key to the suicide of Tabitha Willard, but it is a tangled web, so deeply hidden, and he must unravel it bit by bit to reach the ultimate truth. Luckily Harry is adept at understanding people, which is a major plus if he wants to stay one step ahead. A steady and deliberately tantalizing path leads carefully into a hidden world, which slowly begins to reveal itself with each layer that is removed. A brilliant, complex and exciting read with some stunning twists and turns to keep you on your toes! It is with great anticipation that I look forward to more of Harry Starke's adventures in future novels! A great book!" - Reviewed By Carol Coetzee for Readers’ Favorite

From Book 1:

Why was she on the bridge that terrible night?

Who was she running away from?

Why did she leap to her death in the murky waters below?

Tabitha Willard was a beautiful, wealthy young woman with everything to live for, so why did she take her own life?

  • What did powerful US Congressman Gordon “little Billy” Harper have to do with it?
  • And then there’s Lester, “Shady” Tree, a crooked entrepreneur and a man with secrets. What about him?

Harry Starke, an ex-cop turned private investigator, wants to know, and his search for the answers leads him deep into the shadows of the underworld, and the body count begins to rise. Can Starke find the answers he needs and stop the carnage?

Welcome to the world of PI Harry Starke. He’s dark, dangerous and driven. If you love a good mystery, edge of the seat thrillers, then you’ll love this gripping series opener.

Are You Ready? Good! Let’s Solve This! Buy now and begin the binge.

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