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Exclusive - The Harry Starke Series: Books 19 - 22 Omnibus

Exclusive - The Harry Starke Series: Books 19 - 22 Omnibus

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Harry Starke: Books 19, 20, 21 & 22

An EXCLUSIVE SET Of Four Full Length Harry Starke Novels.

Sometimes, a city needs a ruthless man willing to cross the line.

Presumed Dead Book 19: Kelsey Hart is missing.
She’s been missing for three years . . .
. . . Is she dead or alive?

Train Wreck Book 20: One dark Friday evening in October, Dennis Harper and Brian McDaniel went out to drink a few beers and smoke a little marijuana. Their bodies were found hours later on the railroad tracks north of town. They’d both been struck by the midnight train.

Dead Pool Book 21: Murder in Hilden Heights?
Was Hattie Baker the victim of a serial killer?

Subterfuge Book 22: A missing person, two murders, an enigmatic Irishman and a billion-dollar Ponzi scheme.

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