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The Harry Starke Series: Books 13 - 15 Omnibus

The Harry Starke Series: Books 13 - 15 Omnibus


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Harry Starke: Books 13, 14 & 15

Three more riveting Harry Starke thrillers with more than 2,240 5-star ratings between them.

What happens when the rule of law is overthrown if favor of anarchy?

Apocalypse Book 13: It begins when Harry Starke and his team, including an aging Vietnam vet with a taste for violence, are recruited by the FBI to track down an elite Iranian military unit armed with a tactical nuclear weapon.

Aftermath Book 14: It began with a simple kidnapping. It ended in an all-out private war.
Harry Starke battles an elite force of private military contractors. His team? A ragtag band of aging Vietnam war heroes and civilians.

Backlash Book 15: Harry Starke is at it again… So are his enemies. Kidnapping. Murder. Revenge… The world around him is full of misdeeds and misfortune. It’s an all or nothing battle that Harry must win… or die.

“Howard writes in a style that is reminiscent of J.A Jance and Lee Child, while Starke also reminds me of Spenser and Travis McGee” Amazon Reviewer.

Fans of Vince Flynn, Lee Child, or Blake Banner love Harry Starke.

You can’t read just one. So grab your copy today and hold on; you’re in for a wild ride!

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