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The Harry Starke Series: Books 16 - 18

The Harry Starke Series: Books 16 - 18


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Harry Starke: Books 16, 17 & 18

Three more riveting Harry Starke thrillers with more than 3500 5-star ratings between them.

Has Harry’s past finally caught up with him? 

End Game Book 16: The game’s afoot, only Harry has no idea… Not yet anyway.
It seems his enemies are endless, and his career and life are always at stake. This time, though, he may not make it out unscathed.

Unhinged Book 17: There’s something strange going on at Clearwater Psychiatric Hospital.
Director Dr. Norman Gill has a list in his desk drawer. He keeps it locked away. It’s for his eyes only. The list has seven names, with seven dates.

Jokers Wild Book 18: A deadly game of poker.
A man with secrets.
A cold-blooded killer.
The poker game had not yet begun but we found him at the table, shot three times in the chest.

“Howard writes in a style that is reminiscent of J.A Jance and Lee Child, while Starke also reminds me of Spenser and Travis McGee” Amazon Reviewer.

Fans of Vince Flynn, Lee Child, or Blake Banner love Harry Starke.

You can’t read just one. So get your three book set today and hold on; you’re in for a wild ride!

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